If You Are Looking For Someone To Hear You Out Then You Have Come To The Right Blog Post. Continue Reading below.

If you have not picked up on it yet then I will tell you. All my blog posts are from my personal experiences. These are my stories that I am sharing with the internet.  The reason why I started blogging was because I was good at it. Not blogging itself but sharing my experiences. This is how it usually goes. Someone tells me their problem, whatever they are having a hard time in, most of the time it is about relationships. I listen, then I give them my advice based off of my experiences that had positive outcomes.

I am not certified in anyway to give professional advice. Humans make decisions based on their emotions. When our feelings are hurt, we hurt. For example when our ex-boyfriend’s break up with us and gets together with another girl, oh boy we are out to hunt him down. Let’s be honest, we do not make good decisions when our emotions are involved. This is why it is wise to have someone else from the outside to give their advice.

Story time! My boyfriend and I were looking to buy a house a while back we did not have any luck what so ever. Our offers were decent but someone else would always get it instead. After a couple failed attempts, our realtor told us to write a short personal letter to the seller. She explained that humans make decisions based on emotions, so I did. I wrote a sweet introduction about who we were and described how our apartment was small and how we want to find a home to raise the children and make it our home. I added little details about how perfect of a fit the house would be for us. Lastly I included how much we would appreciate if if we got the house even if our offer is not that high. And guess what happened!? We got the house!! But we ended up not taking the house. That is a story for another blog. The point is we make decisions based off of what we feel. Feelings are a very powerful component.

My financial life right now is tumbling, if you have not read my earlier post. So what the heck! I have time to read your issues and whatever you want, toss it my way! I will keep your identity confidential. All you have to do is email me (athena.loveyourself@gmail) and I can respond back via my email or my blog. If you choose to allow me to post it on my blog then I will post your question along with my response. This is something that I want to do for myself and for those out there that just needs someone to hear them out. I was in your shoe once and I still am.


Whenever someone asks me what do I like to do, I would say help people. I have waited too long to do this. Do not bottle up your emotions. I am here. Think of me as a free online consultant or simply as your friend.

Have an amazing day like a unicorn.


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If you have not read my other post yet, make sure you check them out! Constructive criticism is appreciated!

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