Kay4Cup’s “Quotes” on almost anything!

Shop at Pixapp for my lovely unicorn quotes!

Look for Kay4Cup’s Quote

[Disclaimer, I am not advertising them in anyway. I am not getting paid by them in anyway]


Pixapp allows you to upload any design / photo (anything really) online in your own shop! After you have uploaded your work, you then choose how much you can sell it for. (photo below is how much I am selling mine for) You can raise the price higher where you will profit more but lets be realistic, $5.99 is decent for a set of 4 coaster. It shows you how much it retails for, how much it will cost them to make it and how much profit you will profit off of one sale.


This app is pretty new and has a lot of potential.

Pros: They supply the materials. All that is required from the seller, I, is what to put on them. You can get this on a mug, t-shirt, canvas, poster with varies sizes. They also handle the shipment as well.

Cons: You really do not know the quality until you purchase it and it arrives. You do not make the full amount when an item is sold.

I have not bought one to see the quality of it, but I will shortly and will do a updated blog on my thoughts of this app.

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