Title of Blog: 4 Years is Not Enough

I have been a pharmacy technician for over 4 years plus now and never have I been this nervous about making an outbound call to a patient. I can make phone calls and still do my job with confidence. I guess when you start a new job that you have never been in before will make you nervous.

The first pharmacy setting that I worked in was inpatient pharmacy. I had done my internship in outpatient hospital as well. My very first experience was decent. This was my first job as a grown up and my knowledge of pharmacy world was very small. Here I developed my passion for pursing the path of a pharmacist because I wanted to work in a hospital setting in the emergency room.

My second setting was in retail. The many stories that I have from my retail experience are a handful. I should definitely do a separate blog on the funny stories there. This is was the place where I built my people skills. This is where I really fell in love with being a pharmacy technician. Then of course it went away. And now its back!

Anyways back to the present after my little history bio. My new job, current employer, requires that we call daily to schedule orders for patients. I have never felt this nerve wrecking about making a phone call! I can’t express how scared I was. I was so scared to fail. I was so scared to hear someone else answer the phone line. As soon as it rings my heart would race and I would pray that no one answers. And when no one answered, it was such a relief! I was overthinking it! It was just a simple conversation that I need to steer in the direction that I want it to go. Its funny because it’s true. It’s just a phone call, why am I nervous? I was so nervous that I was even dreaming about it! That isĀ  ridiculously silly when I could be dreaming of unicorns!

After the first day of leaving voicemails, the pressure got less and less. I have made many calls today and they went very well. Except for one. It was a Spanish only and I called so I had to transfer it. One thing about me and work is, I like to finish everything I possibly can with as little help as possible. This is also known as being stubborn. A talent that I have that makes it hard for me to ask for help.

So this blog is just a little update on my new job that I took. Boring and plain like me, or so I have been told.

*meh meh* Till next time!

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