Who doesn’t like a good burger?

Guess what I tried today? VEGAH BURGER!

First Impression: it was huge! Looks fresh with all the greens in it. That looks like some kind of patty that is not meat…The fries were Cajun flavored. They looked bomb.

Taste test: The whole burger was actually really juicy and flavorful. The patty reminded me of a crab cake texture, which I love crab cakes, so I did not mind one bit. The sauce they had put in was better than mayo and ketchup. The burger had bean sprouts too, which I thought tasted and looked like grass. I grew up eating the other beansprouts in pho… The fries were fresh and crispy to my liking ^-^

Overall thoughts: Vegan burgers are not bad. I think when I’m bored of a meat burger, I will order a vegan burger. I would definitely try it again and I definitely recommend it to anyone who isn’t scared to try something different.

Step out of your comfort zone and get comfortable with it. Your life will be filled with more riches.


P.S Thank you Skubby for taking me to MVP’s mucho mucho queso~

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