Update on my life that will not benefit you in any way..

I have nailed leaving voicemails for people. I have almost memorized the phone number. If you can’t tell I am really proud of myself because remembering phone numbers are difficult for me. Who else is guilty of not knowing their phone number? I am.

Today was the first day I did incoming calls. First of all I was on the wrong site. I had to be in all site in order to pull up everyone. Duh. My supervisor said that the most calls I will get is probably 1 call every 15-20 mins. Nope! As soon as I aux-in in I got a call. As soon as I hung up I got another call. I was not ready for this! Overall it went okay. I will be doing some more calls tomorrow, great! You know what they say; practice makes perfect. So far I only have 1 person that hung up because they were put on hold for to long, but I swear that was not my fault. It’s complicated.

I will do better tomorrow! I always try to have that mindset. If I fail today, I will reassess and figure out what I can do to better myself tomorrow.


(random photo to somewhat relate to my blog post muahaha )

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