Randomness #1

When it comes to packing for any kind of trip, I tend to take my sweet time, then rush like crazy at the end. Guilty as charged for this useless skill. A part of me thinks like this, “I don’t have that much to pack, it can wait a little bit longer.” Next thing you know I am rushing myself to get everything together only to find out at the destination that I have forgotten something. That really sucks. Insert sad face here.

I also have the mindset that since I’m not at the destination yet, I might end up using whatever I was going to pack therefore I don’t need to pack until I have to. This gives me the same result, running around packing hectically only to forget something. Who else can relate to me? Hopefully I am not the only last minute packer.

One thing I have learned is to make sure the important stuff are packed and ready to go. For instance if you are going on a vacation and you have an outfit your dying to wear out then definitely pack that so you won’t forget it! That’s silly but it works. Just don’t take it out to wear because you might forget so you might end up buying another outfit at your destination. I learned this from the hard way. 

When I moved from Fresno to Los Angels I made sure that I had all my important stuff packed and ready to go. I did not want to drive back just for some papers, even though its not just some papers, its important documents. Why can’t everything be paperless? But then again that’s how I forget stuff because everything is delete at the swipe of my finger😂


And that is all for my rambling. I have to call my insurance tomorrow because it got terminated…again….I signed up for paperless bill..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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