Maplestory Alumni F2

About 10 years ago I was introduced to online gaming, Maplestory! I am not much of a gamer except when it comes to The Sims. Maplestory was addictive. I would stay up all night playing. Sleep for a couple of hours then play again. Oh my goodness when there is an event, watch out. It’s funny how I took  it so seriously. I spent so much money on it even though it is a free game.


If your not familiar with Maplestory  then let me brief you in. Maplestory is a 2D MMORPG. This game is full of magic, color, life, challenges almost everything  you can ask for to escape from the real world. To me, the object of the game is to get as strong as you can and in order for that you need to train and level your character. Then on top of the level you have to buy equipment to boost up the stats and make you even stronger!

I am proud to say that I am level 160 something. This game took a lot of my time and took a lot of my money. Would I do it again? Yes. It was fun. I had so much fun making friendships online. I had so much fun traveling the Maplestory world and leveling my character. I fell in love with some of the maps that were there. I have a thing for cute pictures and pretty stuff. Maplestory is kawaii!

I don’t play it anymore but I occasionally go back to it; just to see how it is. Its not the same after the big bang update. I’ve seen previews for Maplestory 2 and it looks like something I would try in the future.

If you like games and you want to try something new, try this game and let me know how it goes. This is just a random blog a little more about me. I like playing online games where I can dress up characters, where i can engage with people, where I can fly. Silly right? eh.

If you have played it, whats you favorite thing about it? Your favorite map? Mine was the one where I had wings on my shoes and It allowed my character to fly. ^-^

Sincerely ANERESREH … (my maplestory character name) 

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