Ever since I found out that Nexon is coming up with Maplestory 2 I was super excited! If you recall my prior blog about Maplestory then you will understand why I’m so excited about the game.

It’s finally here! I don’t know exactly when it got here but it’s here and that’s all that matters. F2. I have not tried those hot keys in the game yet, I wonder if they are the same. F2 is the hot key for a smile 😄.

Let’s jump right into how I feel about it. For me personally I find it easier to play 2d games but because it’s Maplestory I’ll make an exception to learn 3D. The colors are bright, vivid and beautiful as usual. That’s one of the main reason why I fell in love with it. Right off the bat the characters were so cute! Kawaii!! I spend a good 15 minutes designing mine. From the hair lengths to the color of their clothes. I felt like a little kid playing dress up which was nice because I feel like it’s never too old to play dress up game. We do it in reality. We dress ourselves everyday. Of course you have pick your class too which I did not pay much attention to because I was too excited about the game itself. I would assume the classes were similar as the original game.

Finally entering the world!!! Yes!! The graphics could be better when it came to the story line but that didn’t matter much to me. The layout is like Minecraft. Since I’m not good at that I don’t play it. My kids love that game though. It’s something that I’m getting use to. The monsters were so cute still but deadly. I’m still getting into it but so far it feels good to be back! Let’s be honest I am a total noob in there but it’s okay.

We all have to start off at the bottom and work our way up. Based off of experience we build ourselves and we grow stronger.

Hi my name is Greeen 😉

So relatable to the game.

I will do another blog after a week to show my progress. Fighting!

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