What is one thing that gets you excited? The one thing that you can’t wait to do in your daily routine? Is it going to work? Is it making a fresh pot of coffee? For me it’s the gym.

I not an expert on working out, none of that stuff. I just simply enjoy it and what it brings. I wake up and I’m super excited about it! Through out the day I think about what I’m going to do. After work when I have to get ready for it I tend to drag because I am tired 😂. Then I push myself because I know that I find joy in it. Plus it helps relive my inner stress.

When I’m at the gym it feels good. It feels good to sweat. It feels good to smell. It feels good to push myself.

What about you ? What’s the one thing that you look forward to? What’s the one thing that makes you keep going back for more?

How was your day?

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    1. My favorite is upper body because I feel like it needs more strength training. It’s easy to work on lower body for myself but upper body is my weaknesses. I intend on making it stronger 💪 #challengeyourself


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