“You better not post that”

And I posted it 😂♥️



when the music stops playing and your still singing 🎤

My 2syllable

What does 2 syllable mean?

It’s silly how it’s so hard to ask someone to be your boyfriend / girlfriend. I was scared of rejection.

So instead of asking him, “will you be my boyfriend?” I asked,” will you be my 2 syllable?” He was like what is that? I had no idea what to say without looking stupid. I started rambling, ” it means best friend, ( the next left of friendship) uhhh other half..better half (I felt as if I was a better person because of him) , …… boy friend.?” Moment of truth, I said it. Guess what he said? 😊 as you can tell it’s been 2 years since then.

I am truly blessed and thankful for this man.


Who are you thankful for? Who’s that special someone that you can’t wait to see at the end of your day of everyday?


Love fully, love deeply, love genuinely

Care for your love like how you care for your favorite shirt.

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If you enjoyed my video let me know so I can upload more 😊 something silly to make you smile 😀 we tend to sing like America idol in the car 🚘 you know it !!!

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