Total strangers have this affect on you.

I had the warmest conversation with a client today. This shows that a total stranger can be as close to you as your significant other.

I had called the client to schedule out her order. She informed me that she has to get her service from another company. I kinda knew but wanted confirmation.

“Let me check my supply. Give this old lady some time to get up. It’s okay you can call me old.” And she laughed. I giggled and told her she was silly. She then said,” it’s good that your laughing at work.” That touched my heart. Total strangers and yet she wanted me to be laughing.

Through out the call we laughed and giggled as if we were friends from childhood. At the end of the call told me this, ” if you ever find yourself sad just give me a holler. I’ll be here. I’ll tell you stories of the stupid stuff I did when I was in the military.” I told her that if I find myself sad I will call her.

Sadly I probably won’t ever call her or run into her. Even if somehow I run into her, we would never know.

I am human like you and like her. Let’s empower each other to do good and feel good. Let’s celebrate other people’s success. Let’s be there for each other.

Kind of like when you pay the tab for the car behind you in Starbucks. Let everyday and everything you do be in that same faith.

Today I am truly blessed for being able to talk to that lady. Thank you universe.

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