Humpty Dumpty, was never the same again.

I know that my post are all bright and positive. That’s how I want my readers to see me and be able to relate to me. Yes, I want my life to be happy and full of glitter. The truth is it’s not. I am 100% sure that it is not. I seriously don’t know where I am going with this Let’s talk about trust.

Trust: Strong and delicate; treat it with care. It is true, once its broken, all the glue and tape in the world can’t put it back together no matter how hard you try. Humpty Dumpty, was never the same again. So what do we do about that fact? For those who are working their booty off to gain that trust and for those who is holding them by a thread.

1.    You have to be open to trusting again. You have to want it too. If you are not open to the possibility of being hurt again then you will never be able to trust him/her again.

2.    I understand that whatever the past was, it was painful and probably still hurts. What’s the point of bringing it to the present and being hurt again. It does not do you or your partner any good!

3.    Instead of using the past against the other person, both party learn from it and use it to empower the relationship.

I believe that a strong, good, long lasting relationship is based on lots of things including mistakes. The beginning is the lovey dovey part, the puppy love. Then when you start to really get to know someone you find the flaws, mistakes are made and lessons are learned. We are supposed to grow and learn with our partner. Learn together and grow together in the same directions.

This is the point where the relationship continues to either grow or they terminate and restart the process again with someone new. The meaning, “meant to be,” is artificial to me now. If you truly want to be with someone genuinely then you and the party will work together and grow together even when it’s easier to let go. Use your good judgment.




Universe, I accept everything that you give me and I accept everything that I have done.



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One thought on “Humpty Dumpty, was never the same again.

  1. Nice post. Cheerfulness is an attitude it is independent of state of life. Some are cheerful living on the footpath, others are gloomy sleeping on a bed of throne. Yes it is important to trust. But blind trust is not good. Trust but verify.

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