To my younger almost baby sister,

I witnessed my younger sister get married. I can’t stress about how proud I am of her and how happy I am for her to have found her lifelong partner. Growing up she was never the type of girl to go chasing guys. She was smarter than that. I’m not saying girls that go chasing guys are dumb, I’m just saying she made smarter choices which is why she is so happy today. She was focused on school. She was focused on her career and her wellbeing. She never cared about  makeup, dressing up doing her hair. It’s only on rare occasions that you would catch her in a dress with her hair curled or straight. She knew precisely who she was and where she wants to go in life and nothing stopped her. When she first started dating I was shocked to be honest because she never showed interest in a guy. Did I mention her ears are NOT pieced. The only jewelry she wears now is her wedding ring. Her eye brows are natural with attempts of being plucked by me but she just let it grow. Does she use a face moisturizer? I don’t think so. My point is that I would never imagine this day would come so soon. She’s my sister and only 22 and of course no guy out there is worth her soul in my eyes.

As she and her fiancée stood before the minster, her glowing in her white dress with her hair curled and hanging loosely because she just got home from work and I did her hair and dressed her up, tossed some makeup on her and drove to the court house. I felt something inside. Happiness and excitement for them. As they said their vows to each other, the words echoed through my body and into my heart. I have never seen her so happy and so in love. I have never seen anyone love her and look at her the way he did. She was blushing and glowing with happiness. I could see the girl in her gleaming out as she said I do to him.

As time goes by we slowly forget what we feel at that very moment. So please don’t be like other people, don’t be like me. Remember what that day meant and what you felt at that every moment.

Life has a funny way of reminding us and teaching us how beautiful relationships and people could mean.

This is a reminder for those who forgot. Don’t lose sight of the special bond you both agreed to on 01252019. It’s a contract you signed, sealed with a ring and a kiss.


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