“Can’t Help Falling In Love”

Photo by Antonio Gabola on Unsplash

Netflix has come such a long way and now they have even more movies / TV shows for example they just added, ” Can’t help falling in love” a Filipino Movie.

I saw this movie on YouTube with someone I hold close to my heart. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. We were looking for a Movie with English subtitle because I is Hmong and he is Filipino. I have never seen a Filipino movie until him.

They are HILARIOUS! The way the characters are in the movie are just like how his family are when I’m with them.  I know its a duh thing but It’s new to me.

I remember being mad at him because he verbalizes his reactions too much in my opinion. Every funny scene he would like so hard that it feels like he’s laughing for me as well. I felt like I could not laugh because he was doing it for me. He was so loud! I kept thinking to myself, “Dude stop laugh so much and so loud so I can laugh too.”

That was a good movie. I enjoyed it very much with him. We also watched a couple of other Filipino Movies as well.  So when I saw that Netflix added that movie onto their selection, it brought me back to that moment.

I realize that you can’t relive a moment twice so when your in your moments really take it all in and be fully there. No running thoughts, no stress, no worries, no ifs and or buts. Just be there because it won’t happen exactly the same again.

and yes, I couldn’t help but fall in love…




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