Hi! Here is little about me, Kay.  I am a mom of 2 beautiful kids that makes me go crazy. I don’t have life figured out yet but I do know the direction that I am headed. I left home and got hitched when I was 16 and got divorced when I was 27. Within that time frame I lost myself and my values. I was always seeking for more. I questioned my life, my decisions, and who I was. I made some bad decisions that weren’t all that pretty. I was in real sh*t (sh*t) It didn’t happen over night but I figured it out! I was so focus on external love and acceptance etc that I didn’t realize that it starts from me. I am a big person on giving and helping others but how can I when I can’t even help myself?

If you can take away one thing from my blog then I hope it is this. Take care of yourself first, love yourself first. This doesn’t make you a bad person for putting yourself as a priority. Better yet, when you are in a better state your life will be different. You will be able to achieve your goals,  get to where you want to in life whether its in work, love, or family. So learn to love yourself and focus on yourself first. I know its hard when you have people around you that you want to help but I honestly think they won’t hold it against you if you focus on yourself. You are just as important as those around you.
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